Wahoo KICKR Headwind Smart Fan (UK) Turbo Trainer


The harder you work, the more the KICKR Headwind Smart Fan cools you down, by taking information directly from your ANT+ connected smart trainer, speed sensor and heart rate monitor and adjusting the speed and power of the airflow for ultimate air-conditioning.  The targeted airflow that the Headwind generates is designed in such a way that it mirrors your body shape and riding position, making for a life-like feel as the air blows at you. The strength and speed of the air can also be controlled manually via the Wahoo App or via the 4 settings given on the fan itself, allowing for a steady and constant airflow when required. Maxing out at a top wind-speed of 30mph, the KICKR Headwind Smart Fan is an innovative and intuitive fan, guaranteed to keep you cool during your hardest of workouts.

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