Wahoo KICKR CLIMB Grade Simulator


For a more focused and super-realistic indoor training experience, the KICKR CLIMB Grade Simulator is the ideal companion for Wahoo KICKR and KICKRSNAP Smart Trainers, adding true-to-ride inclines and declines guaranteed to get you out of your seat as you power through your workout.  By mounting your front forks to this innovative Wahoo incline simulator, your static trainer becomes the ultimate in uphill ride preparation. Providing you with real-time grade changes of up to 20% and decreases as low as -10%, you can determine how hard you work via the handlebar mounted remote control, whether you want to ease yourself up the mountain or go for a short-speed switchback sprint.  Bluetooth enabled and compatible with KICKR Smart Trainer virtual training third-party apps, adding the KICKR CLIMB Grade Simulator to your static set-up makes your training even more immersive and realistic as you bring the outdoors indoors in your quest to be King of the Mountain.

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