Elite Nero Smart Rollers Turbo Trainer


Super-easy to use, the Nero features a handy step, allowing you to mount your bike safely as you start your ride while the floating, Quick Motion design lets you get used to the movement of the rollers in a matter of seconds. Equipped with a pair of smooth-running parabolic rollers and an inertia-imitating flywheel, this excellent Elite trainer combines the functionality of a standard roller-based unit with ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity and mobile app technology, dropping you right into virtual rides. Compatible with apps such as ZWIFT, BIKEVO and TrainerRoad, every session is made as true to life as possible, with the rollers syncing with your virtual journey to replicate the climbs and intensity for real-life gains. Easy to store when your run is done, this remarkable training aid is well equipped to keep you in peak condition when the road is off limits.

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