What’s the cycling equivalent to running a marathon?

When I got into cycling a few months back, one question I liked to ask a few of my friends is what their thoughts were on what the cycling equivalent to running a marathon is. I got a whole range of answers, some flat out saying it’s incomparable, some saying 100 miles or 100km and some saying a 2-3 day tour.

There of course isn’t a simple answer to ‘what’s the cycling equivalent to running a marathon?’. Instead you have to take into consideration your own ability in both sports. For instance we found some people say they can cycle 100k no problem but couldnt run a 5k. We therefore think the best theory for calculating it is thinking about being a newbie to both sports and what is possible and what it takes to do each distance.

For me, I’m pretty new to both. I got into cycling because I didn’t enjoy running. I’ve ran a couple of 5k’s and 10k’s but never a half or full marathon. Based on training for both a 5k and 10k and based on my first few months cycling, I would say the following is a decent guide.

21k (Half Marathon)100k
42.1k (Marathon)161k

Let us know in the comments below what you think on the above theory. It’s a good one to discuss after all!

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