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Best websites to plan a bike route

When it comes to planning a bike route chances are you’re either someone who loves it or hates it. I know people who love the planning more than the riding and people who just like to turn up on the day and trust the planner to have sorted a decent enjoyable route.

Deciding which roads to take to avoid busy traffic or looking for the most scenic route can take a lot of time. For this reason we thought we would help you along by sharing 3 of the best websites to plan a bike route. All 3 suggestions allow you to easily transfer your route into your Garmin so you can follow as a sat nav.

1. Ride with GPS

One of my favourites for planning a bike route. RidewithGPS is great for entering an A to B route or loop route. It tends to take you on the less crowded or perhaps safer route by default. Be wary of this though as you can often be taken down a canal path and this might be something you want to avoid. It’s great for dragging your route onto roads you want to go down.

2. Strava routes

Strava recently updated it’s routes offering and it seems to have been well received. The only downside is that it’s for premium members only. On the free version you can explore sections which is good for researching if you arent a premium member. With Strava routes it’ll plan an interesting route for you based on you telling it how far you want to go, your level of fitness, and your starting point.

3. Komoot

Komoot can be a really great tool as it uses insights and comments from other Komoot users. This is great when exploring an area and when you are not sure which path to take. I sometimes use this is combination with Ride with GPS to help me discover new sections I might have missed in the past. One thing I’m not a big fan of with Komoot is their map design.

Missed a better route planner?

Think we missed a better route planner off the list? Let us know in the comments and we will test it out and see what we think.

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